Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

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Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

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The Snell Prime and the Pro V1 are both quality golf balls that offer better players the performance they require. The Vice balls leave a little to be desired in terms of roll on approach shots. But on fairway drives, we got all the distance and workability we needed to get in good position. Putting Performance Unlike some decades ago, you don’t have to be rich now if you want to have a good golfing experience.

Overall, Snell has continued what they started with these new offerings. These are exceptional golf balls at a 40-50% savings compared to other premium brands. Who is Snell Golf? More casual than a competitive golfer today, Rory was a Today’s Golfer reader in his youth. Gifted at maths and physics at school, he went on to complete a four-year undergraduate program at Loughborough University. Snell isn’t trying to go toe to toe with Titleist or Callaway, but just because the companies aren’t competing directly, doesn’t the mean their products aren’t. In our testing, the previous generation MTB offers similar (in some cases better) performance to other tour-level balls, many of which are priced substantially higher. The reset involves Dean Snell doing new material research for the first time since stepping out on his own. It also includes working to qualify new factories so his company won’t be at the mercy of a single supplier and the supply chain will be less of a concern moving forward. That’s fine with Dean Snell. “We’re not trying to take over the world of golf balls.” If golfers end up with a higher quality product because of it, Snell sees that as a win. Rebranding


A fourth, first, and second longest performance at 85mph/100mph driver speeds and 7-iron respectively says everything you need to know about the ball’s distance credentials.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the performance and features of this golf ball, helping you determine if it’s the right choice for your golf game. Premium urethane cover multilayer golf balls are just better golf balls, period. They are more consistent and provide more control to players of ALL levels. If the desire is to spend as little as possible, I get that, but the idea that any golfer is somehow better off with an inferior product is just silly. It's true of clubs, and it's true of golf balls. This golf ball is one of the best Bridgestone golf balls for mid handicappers. These balls genuinely stand up to their name by being marshmallow-like off the wedge or putter. Average handicap, average swing speed, and all other average aspects do not imply that you can’t find the perfect ball.

Snell MTB Black Golf Ball Review

The Speedmantle layer technology boosts the speed and energy of the golf ball. You can buy this super golf ball in high-visibility yellow or white color. We can safely assume that this golf ball has everything that a tour-level golf ball should have. Features While both models feature a 332-dimple pattern that’s not in and of itself proprietary to Snell, Dean made some changes to the dimple depth and edge angles to create what he calls a spin-matched dimple pattern. The idea is to tune the aerodynamics to better optimize the trajectory to match the spin characteristics of each model.

First of all, I am interested in what you do for work? Second, when you say “don’t make anything” there is a big difference between being a 7-11 store that really doesn’t make anything and being a company that does all the research and development then farms the production out to other factories. The parent company is responsible for “making” the product that comes to market, e.g. Chevy and Ford don’t really “make” GPS systems, radios, seat heaters, collision warning radar and cameras etc., all the ammenties we have come to love and rely on in vehicles, so do they not still “make” vehicles? Robot golf balls test verdict: Pinnacle fans could easily make a case for the model to be crowned the best two-piece ball tested. Within that category, it produced the third longest distance (averaged over 85/100mph drivers and 7-iron), second highest iron spin, highest wedge spin (which was seventh highest among all the balls tested) and second tightest overall shot area, which is all highly impressive. Lastly, some consumers may be put off by the fact that Snell is still gaining market share and is not yet a major name like Callaway or Titleist. Even though Dean Snell has been behind many of the most popular golf ball designs of the last thirty years, those who are very loyal to a particular brand are not likely to want to make the switch. In this section, we detail the consistency of the Snell MTB-X. It’s a measure of how similar the balls in our sample are to one another, relative to all of the models we’ve tested to date. No matter where you’re hitting from, the Snell MTB Prime and Titleist Pro V1 will help you get the distance you need to make your shot count. Both balls provide a great ball speed off the tee so that you can maximize your distance.


I like Vice over Snell, but for admittedly no good reason…in my head, Snell (and KSig for that matter) both just…look like cheaper balls. I don’t know how else to describe it. Just something off about the look of both Snell and KSig, compared to a ProV. At 115mph with the driver, the Tour X produced both our fastest ball speed and longest carries on test (it was also second longest at 100mph and second fastest at 85mph), which is seriously impressive for the price. In any case, a 6 iron should spin about 6,000rpms, so I’m guessing the 6-iron used actually had a 5 iron loft and 5 irons is where high handicappers should go with a hybrid because they “generally” don’t have the club head speed to propel the ball high enough and apply enough spin for green stopping control. The best part of this golf ball is the Energetic Gradient Growth Core. This new feature will provide you with lesser spin, more distance, and greater accuracy. If you are a bump-and-run fan, you’ll be happy with the accuracy of this golf ball.

Robot golf balls test verdict: It’s really tough analyzing data from 28 different balls, hence why we break things down and look at different constructions, accuracy, and cost per yard. In each category, we highlight the three top performers, so when we come to analyze our findings we can easily spot models that excel in different areas. Balls highlighted as top performers within two or three of our categories then get serious attention, so understand where their strengths really lie. A high-spin golf ball has a better feel in and around the greens. This helps players increase their control. It does not get the same roll on the fairway, however, as a mid-and low-spin ball can. Optic Yellow BallsTo date, Snell has qualified two factories (the MTB Prime and Prime X are produced in different facilities) and the company is close to qualifying two more. I just played a full round with the MTB-X on a windy day. I usually can hit baby draws and baby fades, and at times a hook will sneak in there 1-2x a round. 16 Drives yesterday and nearly every one went straight. Problem was, on most of them, I was trying to draw or fade it, so my draws became pushes and my fades became pulls and I spent more time in the rough than I think I deserved if the balls curved like other balls I'm used to. Despite having all the top-notch features, the Wilson Staff DUO golf ball has modest pricing. Wilson has done an exceptional job of maintaining low compressions in this golf ball. You must know that spin is a fundamental concept of physics. The spin is a factor that impacts the ball in almost all sports. It has a significant effect on how the ball behaves, moves, and travels.

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