AMEER AL OUD Intense Arabian Oudh Perfume Eau De Parfum 100ml Men Women Unisex Fragrance

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AMEER AL OUD Intense Arabian Oudh Perfume Eau De Parfum 100ml Men Women Unisex Fragrance

AMEER AL OUD Intense Arabian Oudh Perfume Eau De Parfum 100ml Men Women Unisex Fragrance

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Ameer al oudh intense oud is a really good sweet, woodsy fragrance with that subtle scent of roasted marshmallows when drying down.

I just also got Oceani di Seta by Ferragamo alongside this and that's primarily a white floral freshie. This ambery-colored fragrance is dusty and warm, cozy-sweet, enjoyably calming, enrapturing, and inviting. However, Aoud Vanille is more complex and has stronger performance, with an oud-ier presence up front. I love Khamrah, but it gets annoying after a while; opens so nice but eventually gets too powdery and feminine on my skin. It's important to note though that the excellent performance of the Intense Oud means it can only be 'topped' (layered) by another quality fragrance or said edp will get lost in the mix.

Bought this on a whim after looking at the notes I was not sold however, my friend who also loves fragrances says it’s actually quite nice. It combines aromatic, resinous juniper, rich, smoky leather and herbal green mate for an intriguing, heady yet fresh result. I would imagine this smells like a female camel in heat that just rolled around in a pile dung near a burning bush a male camel just pissed on to mark his territory before smashing. Anyway, Ameer Al Oudh Intense Oud smells to me not similar, but reminds me of the best aspects of my two favorite Lattafa fragrances: Qaa'ed and Khaltaat Al Arabia Royal Blends.

It doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities, it’s little more than a harsh chemical mess, when I look at everything else in the collection I’m left thinking when would I ever use this. Starts of smokey, then this creamy vanilla note and sugar note shines through, with a woody/smokey smell remaining in the background. Starts out like pure Oud almost too strong of an oud for me, like that Hugo Boss Damask Oud yet it is sweeter and the wood feels like it was burned with sugar so it is tolerable and very manly, then quickly moves to a smokey incense smell and then softens down to vanilla perhaps or is it tonka bean, these people are geniuses in the ability to create such an orchestration. Yeah, maybe those Oud notes appear after about 3 and a half hours as a sweet almondy tobacco with dark dried fruits.Definitely very interesting and I don't hate it but like I said earlier, that floral note really caught me off guard. Going to have a bath before bed and spray it all over myself and sleep in this smoky,campfire cloud. So if u can just ignore the opening of this fragrance (it's very ambery strong and something a little weird, reminded me of Bentley Intense lmao) then I 100% recommend atleast trying it. AaOIO is just the perfect fragrance for when you want a light oud, creamy smooth vanilla and warm woods. This is my sweetest scent however I do not enjoy candy juvenile scents, I don’t even like gourmands 9/10 times.

I expect after an hour or so you’d not notice much different from BTF and for me the times I’d wear a fragrance like that is quite limited. I thought it would grow on me but on the contrary, everytime i go back to it i find myself enjoying it less. It's actually something I'm used to from Oudh containing fragrances where the ingrediënt plays a main role. If I had to say which season this would be most compatible with / reminds me of then - autumn definitely, and winter.Our exploration begins with a woody aroma with a scent reminiscent of burnt sugar cubes that fills the air. My concern was that it would be less potent than the intense version but this fragrance has no problems with longevity and projection. The first thing I noticed with the full size bottle, it seemed even stronger than the sample and I could smell the medicinal smell that others have mentioned, which I couldn't smell with the sample. It is a less sweet, more medicinal smokey cousin to BTF perhaps, where the fire has been helped along with some of those camphor starter blocks or fluid?

Just give it a chance though, or consider rubbing it in to tamp out some of those top notes (Gasp), once the initial miasma of lighter fluid and cotton candy calms down it becomes something that is quite enjoyable, if not as breathtaking as By the Fireplace. I've smelled it just the one time, a long time ago and all I remember was a strong scent of "burnt paper" (which makes sense in a way, since paper = wood). The three generations of the Sheikh family take pride in the portfolio of perfumes and fragrances developed at Lattafa that expresses personality, generates lasting impressions and arouses positive emotions. And even though it smells nothing like 24 Gold by scent story the dry down reminds me of a very week tinge of that cologne only now I think this has the real ingredients that scent story are mimicking with artificial ingredients.

This oud note is imbued with a smokey quality that doesn’t overwhelm but rather enhances the overall sensory experience. But as of right now, I'm of the opinion that this is not a BTF clone but, instead, its own inspired fragrance. Maybe there is something I could layer with this to create the same warm caramel / toasty marshmallow feeling and make my gourmand loving heart (nose) happy? Considering I paid less than €10 for it (plus a deodorant — it's perfect for a quick car refresh), I'm content with the purchase and find myself indulging in extreme overspray, each application a poignant act of recapturing the elusive essence. I recently received this along with Raghba Wood Intense and Raghba and when I first smelled this I was instantly disappointed.

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