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Every single portion of this book is a hard earned happily ever after, which is just the way I like it. it was really rushed and it didn’t fit harriet’s character; the decision she made fr left me shocked lmao. I've worked so fucking hard on myself these last five months, Harriet, and I'm doing well" up until this point I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, I told myself that he was probably as miserable but this was the 4th time he asked if she's happy TOO. También vemos cómo Harriet conoce a Sabrina y Cleo, luego a Wyn y, como se vuelven los mejores amigos y cómo pasan una década juntos volviéndose como una familia. the way she was the “problem solver” and the one that always tries to bring everyone together and has this desperate need to keep everything the same.

A gorgeous cottage that is a huge part of Harriet and her friends lives where they spent time together whilst growing up and somewhere they come every year to meet up and relieve their younger years. in their review that they felt like they were third wheeling this friend group, like they were doing their own thing and as the reader you didn’t really have a reason to care, and that’s exactly how i feel! Every year, they take a holiday from their lives to drink far too much wine with their favourite people in the world. Let me start out by saying I think Emily Henry is an absolute poet, she is nothing short of a master at her craft and this book is probably some of her best writing so far.I thought I was getting a fun, summer romance that I’d enjoy, but would ultimately be forgettable in a sea of illustrated covers, but color me surprised when I discovered there was so much more here.

Henry does a really nice job of bouncing between the present week in Maine and flashbacks that let us see the evolution (and dissolution) of Harriet and Wyn's relationship. HOW EXACTLY WILL YOU PAY BACK +200K OF STUDENT LOANS (with interest btw) EARNING 20K A YEAR 🧍🏻‍���️pls tell me so I can quit uni too.After years of being in love, how hard can it be to fake it for one week…in front of those who know you best?

wyn’s constant need to feel loved or feel like he matters, and harriet’s constant fear that she will make people around her unhappy—i feel like it will eventually crash and burn again. She is an absolute artist with her words, the way she can summon the perfect measure of every emotion into every page is stunning and so rare. We know he’s a good guy, we know he’s not as studious as the others but something was a little lacking. He was with sabrina for 10 years or whatever but got annoyed at her for reacting the way she did and didn't think of finding her after she was gone for the whole day? i have read and rated all of her adult romances 5 stars because of her ability to make me fall in love with her characters and this book is no different.

When suddenly more of my heart belongs to him than doesn’t, and I know I’ll never get a single grain back. Emily Henry is a bestselling American author of romantic and Young Adult fiction, best known for her TikTok-conquering novels Beach Read, You and Me on Vacation and Book Lovers. It feels like a moment before a car accident, when the tires have started to hydroplane and you know something terrible is likely coming, but there's still a chance the tread will find purchase and you'll never know what agony you narrowly avoided.

It’s a door in your heart, and once you know it’s there, you’ll spend your life longing for whatever’s behind it. Of worth, of love, belonging, to be seen as you are, to just be enough and Emily Henry dissected and captured all of those uncomfortable emotions so well.THEN WHY IS SHE GIVING IT UP TO MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY FOR A RELATIONSHIP THAT MIGHT FALL APART AGAIN BECAUSE THEY CAN’T FUCKING TALK TO EACH OTHER? First of all, I've never ever been in love in my almost 25 years of miserable existence, nor someone has been in love with me, so I don't actually know how it really feels, (that's a deep and traumatic conversation for another day), but to me it's kind of unreal that people can last years and not get bored. It strikes a good balance and reveals more about Harriet and her relationships as the story goes on.

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