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Honestly, that's the rule for most of the times I love a book. I wander through life with my expectations low and cynicism running rampant. Sometimes - maybe 14 out of every 305 times, for example - I am pleasantly surprised. The winning volume in the 1982 Yale Series of Younger Poets competition is Cathy Song’s Picture Bride, a book about people and their innumerable journeys. Distinguished poet Richard Hugo says, ‘Cathy Song’s poems are flowers: colorful, sensual, and quiet, and they are offered almost shyly as bouquets to those moments in life that seemed minor but in retrospect count the most. She often reminds a loud, indifferent, hard world of what truly matters to the human spirit.'” Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine (1963–) Also, I really loved how Lilly King created a narrative between her characters. How their lives become deeply involved with one another. How Nell did not want to be possessed in love, and yet married a man who does just that. One that breaks her down in every way.

Building and supporting a community of self-published authors dedicated to both sharing experiences and le Officially 15k Members Strong & Climbing!! It is undisputed that Maed´s work was colossal and regularly challenged by her environment, but ultimately contributed to extending human perception. Anna Akhmatova is among the most moving and revered voices in Russian literature. A poet of passion and conscience, she was persecuted after the Revolution and under Stalin, but chose to remain in Russia and bear witness. Her works capture a rich emotional world – poems such as ‘A Ride’ and ‘By the Seashore’ reflect a complex attitude to love or explore the duality of her own nature, while others, such as ‘Courage’ and ‘In 1940’, evoke the horrors of war.” The Selected Poetryby Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892–1950) The setting is the exotic jungles of New Guinea. The descriptions of the tribes and customs were intriguing. I think King's constantly heightening interest only to then almost immediately deflate it by dillydallying. I'm not loving the construction of this book. There is much that's interesting but I just don't feel she's making it all run together very well.

The Best Poetry Books by Living Writers

So too are the encounters between the Stones and Bankson and the tribes under their study: Tam and Kiona, respectively. These are the genius moments of Euphoria, as these three Westerners assume the role of cultural scientists with the arrogance born of ignorance. Theirs is a new science and they are eager to experience the euphoria of discovery and understanding. When a breakthrough is made, they feel they could “rip the stars from the sky and write the world anew.” Here too there is intrigue, as Nell is allowed deeper into the female-dominated society of the Tam while Fen, with all his petty jealousy and arrogance, secretly plots to obtain his own piece of fame. In this segment, Lexi shares that she knew about Rue’s drug usage, but didn’t understand just how bad the problem had become. At that time, Lexi is also aware of how much Rue is hurting, so she tries to make Rue feel a little better by sharing a poem with her. The poem Lexi reads to Rue inEuphoria season 2 episode 7 is Let This Darkness Be A Bell Tower

As Nell, Fen and Bankson compare the culture of their subjects to their own, there is much that defines what it is to be human and much that makes them wonder at how superior civilization really is. And, too, there's the correlation to quantum physics that Nell and Andrew consider, i.e. that objectivity is impossible because the application of observation changes the matter being studied. Rereading what I have written above, I can’t help but wonder why such a story, with ingredients this juicy, didn’t move me as I expected it would. Not only in the title poem, which the critic John Russell called ‘one of the finest long poems of our period,’ but throughout the entire volume, Ashbery reaffirms the poetic power that made him an outstanding figure in contemporary literature. These are poems ‘of breathtaking freshness and adventure in which dazzling orchestrations of language open up whole areas of consciousness no other American poet as ever begun to explore.'” The Complete Poetryby Maya Angelou (1928–2014) King’s decision to have Bankson narrate the book is a stroke of genius. He’s an outsider figure with a tragic history: both of his older brothers have died (one in the war, one to suicide), and he’s always been a disappointment to his family, who don’t consider his field of research to be actual science. So he’s hungry for a substitute family, not to mention companionship and professional stimulus that will spark his own research.

Observe, observe, observe, I’d always been instructed. Nothing about sharing your findings or eliciting analysis from the subjects themselves. “Wouldn’t this approach create a self-consciousness in the subject that would then alter the results?”

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