Love and Vibes - Spider Mouth Gag

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Love and Vibes - Spider Mouth Gag

Love and Vibes - Spider Mouth Gag

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This time was no different. We started with our usual foreplay involving ropes and bondage and I started getting pretty horny. That went on for some time until he stopped and asked me if I was his little cumslut and I screamed “YES”! Ball gag with no strap: ball is attached to the ball gag wearer’s teeth; it will fit very well and fasten tightly onto ball gag wearer.

Safewords – in any type of BDSM play, safewords are a must, but when you have a gag in your mouth there is not much you can say, is there? You have to find other ways of telling your partner that you are uncomfortable with the current action. Simple three or four taps on your partner or the bed can be a good signal for him to stop whatever he is doing. Also, a bell of some sort is an option.

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Ball gag ball is ball with strap that ball gag wearer holds in mouth. There are many different types of ball gags and ball gag materials. You should think about what you’ll be using the ball gag for before buying it. Here are some tips on how to choose the best ball gag for your needs. Choosing the correct materials: Ball gag with one strap: ball is attached to the strap that goes around ball gag wearer’s head; this type of ball gags fit ball gag wearer’s teeth very close together. Our product range starts with a wide selection of collars that can be worn in any setting, kink or otherwise, to our indestructible cuff sets that will keep even the strongest of subs firmly in place! Our extensive range of paddles covers a vast array of shapes and sizes. From very large paddles, ideal for intimidation and delivering a firm strike, to the very small innocent looking paddles that are great for delicate areas. Our paddles, not only come in an assortment of colours, but a wide range of textures, from some nice and soft rabbit fur or suede, to our textured rubber paddles and everything in between! If you need to keep the noise down, then we've got you covered, with our selection of gags, in styles including soft/firm silicone balls, breathable ball gags, ring gags, spider gags and bit gags. We then have an assortment of other restraints, from multipurpose belts through to simple leather hog ties. We have a wide range of other accessories, which includes multiple styles of belts, from decorative and practical belts, to our bondage restraint belt. After a bit of experimenting with all sorts of gags, I’ve come to my all-time favorite one in the form of this simplest ball gag. Drooling gags: drooling gags are designed to make ball gag wearer drool. They are usually made of rubber or silicone.

Zer0 appeared out of the corner of his eye. Their mask displayed no indicator of emotion, and their stance left little to intuit. They were just standing there; watching. Language: English Words: 4,627 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 17 Kudos: 399 Bookmarks: 43 Hits: 25,632 Mycroft and Greg have settled into each others lives and their respective roles. Mycroft decides to introduce his sub to a previously forbidden room. Also, by now Greg has his permanent collar(which I apparently didn't mention in this). Series A ball gag is a toy used to restrict speech as well as create the sense of objectification and helplessness for playtime. The ball itself can be made from a number of different materials, but most popular styles are ball gags that have a ball with holes in it so breathing is possible, but difficult. Many ball gag enthusiasts prefer ball gags that have ball holes because they aren’t as restrictive. Ring Gag: a ring gag is a type of ball gag that has a ring attached to it. The ball gag can be ball or flat and the ball gag is attached to the ring. The screams were muffled by the ball gag but they were as loud as none before. Is This Ball Gag Really That Good?

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Gag ball is a ring gag with a ball replacing the traditional ring. A ball gag will muffle the user’s voice and make their speech indecipherable, adding to the submissive or slave atmosphere through enforced silence. Ball gags also keep your subs from speaking so they can ‘t tell you a secret or admit to something that you might not want them too.

And finally we come to the entry that we felt we couldn't show you in any non-illustrated format, both because the images of it are too horrible and I figured everyone would rather see my party-robot doing this to Gladstone. I like to imagine that the sales pitch in the 80s toy commercial went something like this: "Hey kids, tired of all those old, boring party games? Does pin the tail on the donkey make you wonky? Is bobbing for apples appalling? Are lawn darts giving you long farts? That last one didn't make sense, and it doesn't need to, thanks to anal ring toss! Just jam the plastic rod up someone else's ass and throw rings at it. That's literally the entire point of this thing! Throwing rings at a plastic rod jammed in someone else's ass! Get yours today!" Since smaller gags can be worn longer, without as much pain, they work just as well as an intermediate ball gag. What happens to someone when they wear a gag? Ball gag harness: ball is not ball gaged person’s mouth, ball gag wearer has ball gag in his mouth. Ball gag harness ball can be ball or it can be like spider gag ball (with spider web design).Ball gags are usually made of ball shaped rubber, silicone or leather with straps for attaching them around the head. Ball gags come in many different styles. complete!* Language: English Words: 44,815 Chapters: 15/15 Comments: 286 Kudos: 652 Bookmarks: 137 Hits: 13,632 Funnel gag: a funnel gag is a type of ball gag that has a funnel attached to it. The funnel is inserted into ball gag wearer’s mouth and the saliva goes into the funnel. Gags are primarily centered in the dominant and submissive dynamic in kink. The gag is a piece of bondage equipment which muffles a submissive partner. Since gags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s best to understand which bondage piece should be incorporated into your S&M experimentation.

Small ball is good for beginners who don’t have much experience or have ever tried gagging play before. A ball gag is used for several reasons, such as preventing speech (which is commonly associated with roleplay scenarios), or for aesthetic purposes. Some submissive partners will enjoy ball gag bondage because they enjoy feeling at the mercy of their submissive partner, and some dominants may find ball gags to be aesthetically pleasing. This advanced silicone O-ring gag is designed to open and stretch your sub’s mouth for a variety of options. The silicone makes it hypoallergenic, odorless, and tasteless for endless enjoyment. The ring makes the opened mouth stable while providing room for delicious activities. Pure leather straps make it a treat for the eyes. It is for experienced users I have to mention. The Great Dildo Gag The rubber ball is very comfortable to bite on when I’m getting hard-spanked by my boyfriend and the style of it all is very appealing to the eyes. Definitely worth trying! The Other Amazing Ball Gags I Highly Recommend

While a ball gag may seem like a hardcore component of BDSM, it’s really a beginners piece of equipment. Like restraints, blindfolds, and paddles, gags are a key part of S&M as they come in many different styles, sizes, and options. Leather ball gag: leather ball with straps attached to it. This ball usually has little bit less space between its teeth, because leather is stiffer material than rubber or silicone and can push ball gag wearer’s teeth together more. A gag creates an intimate and intense hierarchy of a clear understanding of who is the dominant and who is the submissive. The gag serves as a silencer, which enhances BDSM scenes and affects your moment together, especially in subspace. The submissive, or the individual wearing the gag, will have mental and physical arousal while wearing the gag. For the dominant, the gag serves as a reinforcement. Many gags have extra features for restraints which the dominant can include into their BDSM scene.

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